‘The Policeman’s Lineage’ Drops Intense Character Posters and Captivating Main Trailer

korean movie The Policemans Lineage

The Policeman’s Lineage‘ released its five character posters and the main trailer.

korean movie The Policemans Lineage
Credit: Acemaker Movieworks

The Policeman’s Lineage follows a police officer named Min Jae as he sets out on a mission to secretly monitor Kang Yoon, who has an unrivaled case-closure rate thanks to large funding from a mysterious source.

Cho Jin Woong plays Park Kang Yoon, a police officer who receives a huge amount of money from an unidentified source. He believes that a policeman sometimes has to stand in the grey area between good and evil.

Choi Woo Shik plays his partner Choi Min Jae, an undercover cop with the mission to spy on his boss. He believes in following the code of conduct as a cop and the movie will reveal the result of his decision.

korean movie The Policemans Lineage
Credit: Acemaker Movieworks

Park Hee Soon plays Hwang In Ho, a detective determined to eradicate corruption within the police force. The thrilling showdown between Cho Jin Woong and Park Hee Soon is one of the reasons why you must see The Policeman’s Lineage.

While these three diverse policemen lead the story, there are two criminals that go up against them. Kwon Yul takes on the role of Na Young Bin, a criminal who deals only with the top 1%. It is said that he lost 12kg to play the role. Park Myung Hoon will also appear as Cha Dong Chul with a scar on his face.

Meanwhile, The Policeman’s Lineage will be released on January 5th.


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