Park Hee Soon Talks About His Role in ‘My Name,’ What Drew Him to the Series and More

My Name Park Hee Soon
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea
My Name Park Hee Soon
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Harper’s Bazaar released an interview from its November issue with Park Hee Soon.

In an interview following the photoshoot, Park Hee Soon expressed his gratitude for the cute new nickname he earned through starring in My Name – a middle-aged idol star. He said, “Since I played a villain role in the drama, I expected people to hate me. But instead, they loved the role. I’m just thankful for all the support.”

He then thanked all the newly joined fans, who started binge-watching all of his previous works after finishing My Name. He shared, “I was most grateful to hear that. To be honest, I was a little worried about the hype and thought it would fade away over time. But when I heard that people are watching my previous works, I felt acknowledged and appreciated.”

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When asked about his decision to join the cast of My Name, he first explained the fact that the original webtoon had been written by a female author. He said, “There are so many works that revolve around one or more male figures, and I wanted to balance out the gender inequality. I loved how a female character led the work, and I wanted to do my part to help women in the film industry.”

As he looked back on the year, and Park Hee Soon remarked, “This year couldn’t get any better. There have always been works that received positive reviews, but they didn’t get as much attention as they deserve. But this time, I’m happy that the work received both good reviews and the attention it deserves.”

My Name Park Hee Soon
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

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