Ahn Hyo Seop Praises Kim Yoo Jung’s Professionalism She Showed in ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’

Lovers of the Red Sky
Credit: SBS

Ahn Hyo Seop shared his final thoughts on his latest series, Lovers of the Red Sky. Following Doctor Romantic 2, the recently finished drama also ended on a great note and brought him instant stardom. He perfectly played three roles in this series and received many great reviews on his performance.


Q1. What did you most enjoy about filming ‘Lovers of the Red Sky,’ and what was the most challenging moment?

Everything was new and exciting for me because I got the chance to live in a historical era. It was a valuable time to learn a new instrument (Geomungo) and practice martial arts. I remember going through some physically challenging moments filming the series. The SFX makeup took hours to finish, and I had to perform while wearing colored contact lenses for days. Because of that, I always had to think about how I would be able to get across my emotions without making eye contact with the actor I was performing with.

Q2. What is it like performing on a blue screen when you were playing the Devil?

It was my first time. It was new and challenging for me, but it was also exciting and fun to speculate how it would come out.

Q3. What’s your most memorable scene?

There were many beautiful scenes. For example, in the tenth episode, there is this scene when Haram wakes up in Cheon Gi’s room, and he tries to get out of her room before she wakes up. It was one of the most meaningful scenes because it was when Haram first smiled without all the worries he had. Plus, I had a lot of fun filming the scene.

Q4. If you were to take a role other than Haram, what role would you take?

I would choose to play Haram’s bodyguard, Moo Young. There is an untold story between the two: Moo Young never leaves Haram because Haram had protected Moo Young’s family in the past. I love how loyal and trustworthy he is. He is the closest person to Haram who knows him best.

Lovers of the Red Sky
Credit: SBS

Q5. How was working with Kim Yoo Jung?

She’s been around more than I have, and I learned so much from her while working with her. I loved the time we spent together on set and how professional she always is. We talked a lot about our characters and brainstormed to create great scenes together. It was a lot of fun, and I’m grateful to her for that.

Q6. What was the most memorable review?

Many people sent supportive messages to me after seeing the intense SFX makeup as the Devil. I was grateful that many have watched the series and my performance. The letters from fans were also very heartwarming.

Q7. What will be your next role?

I’m filming A Business Proposal (working title). I plan to greet you as Kang Tae Moo in 2022.


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