Jeon Jong Seo and Son Suk Ku Say ‘Nothing Serious’ Is Not a Traditional Romance Movie

korean Romance Movie Nothing Serious

Jeon Jong Seo and Son Suk Ku will greet the audience this fall with a realistic love story.

korean Romance Movie Nothing Serious
Credit: CJ ENM

On the 27th, Nothing Serious held its online press conference. Nothing Serious tells a quirky romance story of a man who hates being alone but fears the dating world and a woman who has the desire to date but is not quite ready for a relationship. The story begins when the two of them go on a strange blind date.


“It’s not your typical romance movie. I don’t think it’s going to be that different from what I’ve shown so far,” Jeon Jong Seo said. “When I started acting, I had this thing about never doing a romance genre. However, I read the script, and it was so much fun.”

She continued, “I liked how the story was different from the traditional romance movies, and it kind of felt like it’s not just going to be a romance movie. The biggest charm of our movie is the ‘quirkiness.’ I was drawn to the reckless and unique aspect.”

Son Suk Ku shared, “I like romance movies a lot. But our movie is different from the existing romance movies from the start. The level of honesty is almost like the reality. There are no adjustments, and it’s honest.”

korean Romance Movie Nothing Serious
Credit: CJ ENM

Director Jung Ga Young expressed her joy in casting Jeon Jong Seo and Son Suk Ku. “I fell in love with Jeon Jong Seo’s acting shown in Burning and The Call. I was thrilled when she said she’d join the movie,” she explained. “A lot of people told me how sexy Son Suk Ku is. So I met him in person, and he was charismatic and mischievous at the same time. And that was just like Woo Ri in the movie.”

Finally, Son Suk Ku said that people need to watch Nothing Special because it tells “our stories.” “Whether you’re in a good relationship or you were hurt, it (the movie) will be enjoyable. You will all relate to it.”

Meanwhile, Nothing Serious will be released next month.

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