‘Jirisan’ Premieres to No. 1 Ratings But Was Criticized for Its Poor CGI Effect

Jirisan Jun Ji Hyun
Jirisan Jun Ji Hyun
Credit: tvN

tvN’s Jirisan is off to a promising start, but concerns �remain.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first and second episodes of Jirisan each scored an average nationwide rating of 9.1 percent and 10.7 percent, respectably, achieving the highest ratings of all weekend dramas in tvN history.

In the first episode, Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) was assigned to Jirisan National Park, where Seo Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun) was also working. The two went out for their first mission to save a boy who went missing in a storm. While doing so, it was revealed that Kang Hyun Jo could see the visions of the lost victims.


The second episode took place two years later in the 2020 Haedong office. The once skilled ranger Seo Yi Gang is now in a wheelchair, and Kang Hyun Jo is lying in bed in a coma.

Seo Yi Gang had come to Jirisan National Park after finding the sign she had exchanged with Kang Hyun Jo when they both got lost on the mountain. She believed that somebody other than him had sent her the mark, arousing curiosity.

Meanwhile, Jirisan was criticized for its poor CGI effects and soundtracks, along with its excessive product placements. Many left reviews saying that it distracted them from watching the show and that is didn’t live up to the budget.


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