Ahn Bo Hyun Says He and Han So Hee Talked a Lot About Their Bed Scene in ‘My Name’

My Name Bed Scene
My Name Bed Scene
Credit: Netflix

On the morning of the 25th, Ahn Bo Hyun conducted a video interview with Sports Chosun about his Netflix original series My Name.

He first talked about how he felt when My Name ranked third on Netflix’s worldwide ranking. “I’m just so honored. I think Squid Game gave us a big push. It felt amazing. People said that the role of a detective wouldn’t suit me that well and that they couldn’t wait to see how I turned out. And I’m glad to hear that I actually looked like a detective.”

Ahn Bo Hyun and Jeon Pil Do resemble each other. “Not only me, but many people will act when they face injustice. And I tend not to stay still. The director told me, ‘You already look like Pil Do, so it’d be nice if you become Pil Do and express how he would.’ and that made me happy. Pil Do has a strong character as a detective. Every time I appear in a project, I try to find the things I can relate to as I dive into the character. And I think Pil Do and I share lots of similarities. Acting may not have been so comfortable, but it was easy for me to relate to him.”

Ahn was once a boxer. “It’s definitely different from boxing. Doing action scenes is all about working with others, so I have to be careful not to hurt others. I practiced at the action school and rehearsed the sequences, so they came out pretty good, but I’m not that satisfied. But my friends told me that I looked like I was fighting instead of acting, so I thought that all my efforts were not in vain.”

My Name Bed Scene
Credit: Netflix

What was it like working with Han So Hee in action scenes? “I met Han So Hee for the first time in the action school. Maybe it’s because of the place; she felt a little different. Most of the time, I see the actors at meetings or table reads for the first time, but I saw Han So He on TV first then in the action school where she was sweating. And as soon as I met her, we started practicing. I got the feeling that she’s full of passion. We did lots of action scenes as a team, so we hit things off even more as time passed”

The actor also had a bed scene with Han So Hee. “Seeing how there are mixed opinions about the bed scene, I thought people were seeing it from a diverse point of view. Pil Do and Ji Woo share the same pain, so I wanted there to be a scene where they comfort each other. And that was the scene that showcased the emotions of these two. Also, Ji Woo was seen slowly changing due to Pil Do, so when he was killed, I think that might act as a stimulus for her to go take revenge. Before the shooting, the director, Han So Hee, and I discussed a ton (about the scene), so rather than feeling pressured, I could disappear into Pil Do more.”

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In many projects, Ahn was killed off in the end for his role as a villain. Now, he wishes he could “stay alive.” “In almost all dramas that I appeared in, I was killed. But I want to try a romance series that ends with ‘they lived happily ever after.'”


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