Kim So Yeon Says She Is Very Satisfied with the Ending Scene of ‘The Penthouse 3’

Kim So Yeon The Penthouse
Kim So Yeon The Penthouse

In the SBS’ The Penthouse: War in Life series, Kim So Yeon perfectly played the villain, Cheon Seo Jin, who invites us to feel for her throughout the series.

In an interview following the conclusion of The Penthouse series, Kim So Yeon shared her thoughts on wrapping up the show. She said, “I thought it would be relieving, but I don’t know why I’m starting to miss it. I guess I really loved the role and got into Cheon Seo Jin. When I read the scripts, I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. I’m terrible at screaming, but there are many scenes where I had to scream. For that reason, I had some concerns. However, it feels good because it seems like it ended on a good note.”

It ended with Cheon Seo Jin committing suicide. Kim commented on the shocking ending of the series by saying, “I was very satisfied with how the ending. I cried a lot when I read the script. It broke my heart. I think cutting my hair short helped me immerse myself into the role even more. I did those scenes pretending I had lost everything.”

In response to a question asking which scene was most memorable to her, Kim So Yeon picked the piano scene from the 15th episode in the first season. She said, “I was very worried when I received the script about two months before filming. To get across the emotions, I memorized the lines by writing them down. Even during the rehearsals, I couldn’t do it properly because I got choked with emotions. I remember feeling refreshed when I went home after filming the scene.”

Kim So Yeon The Penthouse

Kim So Yeon also expressed her gratitude to the actors who worked with her. “I really learned a lot from Shin Eun Kyung. I want to become an actress like her in the future. Um Ki Joon always smiles and takes good care of his mental health. I admire him for that. Lee Ji Ah is like the real Shim Soo Ryun in real life. She’s elegant and beautiful, and her voice is just like what Shim Soo Ryun would have if she were a real person. I have known Eugene for a long time, but this was my first time working with her. I was so glad that she played Oh Yoon Hee. I have a lot to thank Yoon Jong Hoon for. Because he was so supportive, I was able to fully immerse myself in the first season.”

Regarding a question asking about the work that changed her acting career, Kim picked Iris, The Prosecutor Princess, and The Penthouse. “I think Iris was the first work I did after fully acknowledging myself as an actress. Before that, my only concern was ‘to look prettier on the screen.’Prosecutor Princess seems to be a work that many people doubted if I could pull off a rom-com. I met the director who understood me for who I really am, and I had a lot of fun filming. I played a villain in All About Eve, but I loved playing it. The work I did with a big resolution was The Penthouse. I’m so glad that it had great results.”


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