Lee Joon Ik’s First Drama ‘Beyond the Memory’ Completes Its Cast: Shin Ha Kyun, Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun & Jung Jin Young

Han Ji Min new drama

‘Beyond the Memory’ finalized the “never-failing” lineup.

Han Ji Min new drama
Credit: HODU&U Entertainment, BH Entertainment, WILL Entertainment, FNC Entertainment

On Tuesday, the new TVING original series Beyond the Memory has officially cast Shin Ha Kyun, Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun, and Jung Jin Young.

Set in the 2040s, the series follows a man who gets invited to the mysterious world “Yonder” after receiving a text from his dead wife. Through the world created by advances in science and technology, the work will question the meaning of life, death, and eternal happiness.

This upcoming drama had already made headlines as director Lee Joon Ik’s first-ever TV series.

First, Shin plays Jae Hyun, a reporter of Science M who falls into deep despair after losing his wife. The actor previously shared, “I’m looking forward to showing you a new side of me through a world that no one has ever experienced and the character named Jae Hyun.”

Han takes on the role of Lee Hoo, Jae Hyun’s dead wife and a “being” living in the world “Yonder”. After signing a mysterious contract just before choosing euthanasia, she leads her husband to “Yonder” as well. “It’s a story about true happiness that transcends life and death. I’m looking forward to a new world that director Lee Joon Ik will lead me into,” she said.

Siren, played by Lee, is an operator of Buy & Buy who invites people to the unknown space “Yonder.” The actress commented, “Because it’s director Lee Joon Ik’s first drama, I joined without any worries.”

Lastly, Jung plays Doctor K, a brain scientist who tries to approach death with science. He shared, “Director Lee Joon Ik challenges a completely different format and genre this time. The excitement and anticipation of taking part in the new journey are very high.”

Meanwhile, Beyond the Memory will be released exclusively on TVING in 2022.


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