What to Watch for in Episode 13 of ‘The Penthouse 3’: What’ll happen to Shim Soo Ryun, Chun Seo Jin & Ha Yoon Chul?

drama The Penthouse 3
drama The Penthouse 3
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Now, The Penthouse 3 has only two episodes remaining. In the latest episode, Joo Dan Tae was shot by Shim Soo Ryun, and Shim Soo Ryun was left inside the Hera Palace as it exploded, shocking the viewers. Let’s look at three things that caught viewers’ attention in the preview for episode 13.


Is Shim Soo Ryun dead or alive?

Predicting that Joo Da Tae will return to Hera Palance, Shim Soo Ryun planned an engagement party with Logan Lee. And just as Shim expected, Joo disguised himself as a janitor and went inside the Hera Palace to install bombs everywhere on the day of the engagement party. The two finally faced each other and got into a fierce brawl, and Shim fired a gun at Joo. And at that moment, Joo detonated the bombs. Then Joo fell off Hera Palace and plummeted to his death, and Shim was left inside the building that was going down.

In the preview for episode 13, Shim was seen mournfully touching the photos of Joo Suk Hoon and Joo Suk Kyung, making us wonder if she had survived the explosion.


Chun Seo Jin’s dementia, is it real or fake?

After drinking the wine with a memory-erasing drug, Chun started showing symptoms of dementia. She even headed to Hera Palace, putting Ha Yoon Chul and Bae Ro Na in danger. Moreover, Chun, who woke up after the operation, failed to recognize her daughter Ha Eun Byul. However, because of such symptoms, the prosecution’s investigation into Chun was pushed back, and even the loan sharks were banned from approaching her.

In the preview for episode 13, Chun’s hands were covered in blood. She even made a creepy smile and said, “You have to move forward. You’re Chun Seo Jin,” to herself. Is she planning another evil plot? How will it all end?


What’ll happen to Ha Yoon Chul?

Burning with a desire for revenge, Ha went out to punish the wicked with Shim and Lee. Yet, he fell off the stairs and seriously injured his head while trying to stop Chun from forcibly dragging his daughter Bae Ro Na.

In the preview for episode 13, He regained consciousness and was seen sobbing after saying, “You have to live happily,” to Bae. Why is he saying farewell to his daughter?


The production team shared, “Now, Chun Seo Jin is the last target of those who want revenge. Please watch episode 13 to see what kind of result Chun Seo Jin’s madness will bring forth.”


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