Chae Jong Hyeop Says He Half Resembles Do Hyuk in ‘Nevertheless’

Chae Jong Hyeop Nevertheless
Chae Jong Hyeop Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

Chae Jong Hyeop shared his thoughts on ending his latest series, Nevertheless. He captivated viewers by portraying his pure love for Yoo Na Bi in Nevertheless, which ended on the 21st. He realistically conveyed the character’s state of mind, who is afraid of losing his first love, Yoo Na Bi, that he finally met again after ten years. In the drama, he sometimes made the viewers’ hearts flutter and sometimes shattered. Meanwhile, in the first episode of The Witch’s Diner, which ended earlier, he had become a cute yet innocent and reliable young man.

Chae Jong Hyeop Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

Q1. How do you feel now that the series has come to an end?

I feel sad yet relieved. It was an honor to receive such a huge love and support from all the viewers while playing Yang Do Hyuk for several months.

Q2. What was it like on the set?

There weren’t many scenes that I had to work with other actors, so I had fewer opportunities to get to know them than I had previously thought. But when I get to meet them, everyone was so warm and welcoming. We had a lot of fun on the set, and even during break times, we hung out like friends.

Q3. Have you ever cooked for someone like Do Hyeok does in the drama?

Sometimes I make my own food at home, but I haven’t made any meal for other people yet. Maybe that’s why I felt like cooking for someone while filming the series. I definitely want to cook for someone if I ever get a chance.

Q4. Is there anything you specifically focused on to play Yang Do Hyuk, who has kept his feelings toward his first love for a long time?

I focused on playing a guy who has a friend-like quality, and I focused on conveying his warm heart, kindness, and excitement. Since the script says that the characters were close when we were young, I tried not to make the relationship awkward as much as possible despite having a long break in between their relationship.

Q5. How much are you and your character are alike?

Like Do Hyuk, I tend to think a lot. And I may have the warm and kind qualities, but not always. I don’t always smile brightly like Do Hyeok does, and I am not good at cooking. So I think we’re about 50 percent similar in that sense.

Q6. What is your most memorable scene in the drama?

There was a party scene of the sculpture majors at Do Hyuk’s guest house. That scene is the most memorable to me because there were so many actors and staff. We all worked hard and had so much fun filming together. So it’s all the more memorable.


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