‘Sinkhole’ Unveiled 4 Behind-the-Scenes Photos Full of Actors’ Delightful Teamwork

korean movie Sinkhole
korean movie Sinkhole
Credit: Showbox

Sinkhole released behind-the-scenes photos that capture the passionate actors and delightful teamwork.

Sinkhole is the new disaster film. It begins when a man’s house, which took him 11 years to obtain, falls into a sinkhole in a minute. In the sinkhole with him are his nosy neighbor Man Soo and his two minions Seung Hyun and Eun Joo. Suddenly fallen 500 meters underground, these four people work together to escape the sinkhole.

korean movie Sinkhole
Credit: Showbox

The behind-the-scenes photos released today capture the passionate actors, who even dared to cover themselves in the dirt. Cha Seung Won, playing Man Soo, even got buried in a pile of dirt for the scene where he falls from the rooftop. Kim Sung Kyun and Lee Kwang Soo pulled off an action scene involving a taxi without a stunt double. Kim Hye Jun also showcased energetic performance as an intern Eun Joo.

korean movie Sinkhole
Credit: Showbox

Cha shared, “We felt a lot of pressure as the work involved the scenes that had to be filmed with imagination in a situation that I had never experienced before. But thanks to my co-stars, I got to lessen that pressure.” And the teamwork he mentions is fully shown in the photos. The bright smiles on the actors’ faces show a glimpse into the lively atmosphere of the set despite the challenging scenes.

Meanwhile, Sinkhole will be released on August 11th.

Source: Showbox

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