‘The Penthouse 3’ Spiced Up the Plot Even More

Credit: SBS

SBS’s The Penthouse 3: War in Life �came back even stronger. As soon as season 3 premiered on the 4th, it shocked the viewers with its unimaginable plot.

The “absolute villain” Um Ki Joon escaped the prison from the premiere episode, while his ex-wife Lee Ji Ah planned a plot to avenge Park Eun Seok. The series successfully garnered 19.5% ratings (provided by Nielsen Korea) with its breathtaking tension.


“New Face” Park Ho San and On Joo Wan

Credit: SBS

In season 3, Park Ho San and On Joo Wan newly joined the cast. The two each play the father of Jin Ji Hee, who became the victim of school violence in season 2, and Baek Joon Ki, who lost everything to Uhm Ki Joon.

The background has also changed dramatically. If the previous two seasons revolved around Hera Palace, where only the upper class resides, season 3 unfolds in a cramped and rough prison.


One episode per week

Credit: SBS

The romantic relationships among the characters will also take a new turn. Not only will the “power game” among the students ahead of college entrance exams catch your arms, but the new “pecking order” among the adults will also bring about a new struggle.

Kim Hyun Soo and Kim Young Dae introduced that their relationship “only grew fonder after going through a breakup.” Lee Ji Ah, who lost her lover Park Eun Seok, also heralded brutal revenge, saying, “We will be betraying the viewers with an unexpected development.”

One more thing to note about season 3 is that only one episode airs every Friday for 12 weeks. However, the running time of each episode will increase from 70 minutes to 90 minutes.


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