The Reason Mamamoo Returned With a Ballad Album

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Mamamoo’s released a new mini-album WAW. The album candidly portrayed their thoughts and feelings about everything that happened during the seven years since their debut. It’s worth notice since all the tracks in the album are ballad songs. The title track, “Where Are We Now,” is about how much they value and appreciate the days they’ve been working hard. Through their agency RBW, Mamamoo shared how they feel about releasing the new album.

Q1. How do you feel about making a comeback?

It’s been seven months since TRAVEL. It feels like It’s been quite a long time since we didn’t get to meet the fans often. This album is refreshing and unique because it’s filled with ballad songs.

Q2. Tell us about ‘WAW’.

The title is the abbreviation for ‘Where Are We.’ In this album, we captured various emotions regarding everything that happened during the seven years since our debut. It has stories that we’ve all wondered about at least once, “Where are we now?”

Q3. Why does the album exclusively consist of ballads, including the title track?

We did lots of ballads in the past though we didn’t release them as singles. This is the first time we’ve released a ballad-filled album. We’re very excited because we feel like we could show our harmony and polished teamwork.

Q4. What did you focus on the most, working on this album?

Because the album exclusively consists of ballads, we focused on how we use our voice. We tried very hard to harmonize our voices and work well together.

Q5. What’s the best part of ‘Where Are We Now’?

“Where Are We Now” asks us about where we are at right now after a long journey together. It’s about our past, present, and future. I think it’s everyone’s story, not just Mamamoo’s.

Q6. Where do you think you guys are at right now?

“One day in the middle of a long journey” is a line from the title song’s lyrics. I think we’re just spending a day during a journey called life. We’re so thankful that we’re on the journey together with our fans, Moomoo. We feel like we’ve gone through many things that we wouldn’t experience if we were by ourselves.

Q7. What are the plans for the summer concert and the documentary?

We shot a documentary and prepared for a concert while we were working on the album. The documentary will probably be available soon. Regarding the concert, we’re working very hard to have it in a safe environment. We’re trying to have the concert this summer, so I hope people look forward to it. We’ll make sure we put on a great show.


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