Kim Dong Wook and Kim Sung Kyu Take the Lead in ‘The King of Pigs’

Credit: MBC, tvN

Kim Dong Wook and Kim Sung Kyu took the lead in the TV series The King of Pigs.

On the 31st, an official reported to Daily Sports, “Kim Dong Wook is starring in the K-drama The King of Pigs.” In the series, he plays Hwang Kyung Min, the CEO of Shin Seok Transportation, a victim of school violence. He had buried the pain deep to hide it and grew up as an adult. Now, he has a peaceful marriage with his beloved wife and attempts to live a happy life by receiving regular psychiatric treatments. However, when he faced an inevitable incident, he intensely relives the trauma. And eventually, he takes action for revenge.

The King of Pigs is a story about two men who were victims of school violence 20 years ago. Among them, one becomes a serial killer to punish the evil. Ironically, the other becomes a police officer, who put his life to catch the killer. It is based on the original animated film of the same name, directed by Yeon Sang Ho.

Followed by Kim Dong Wook, Kim Sung Kyu will play a significant role in the series. Kim Sung Kyu’s agency, People Entertainment, said, “We received an offer, and we are positively reviewing the role.”

After completing the cast, The King of Pigs will begin its production to air the series in the first half of next year.


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