‘Mouse’ Lee Seung Gi Says He’s Ready to Take Another Villain Role If He Can Relate to It

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Lee Seung Gi shared his feelings about finishing tvN’s Mouse.

Mouse gave a deep afterglow with the ending where “predator” Jung Ba Reum shed tears of penance and atonement and died forlornly. Lee Seung Gi convincingly portrayed a character with various features, from a naive and somewhat foolish police officer and a veteran detective with excellent skills to the bloodthirsty predator.

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Q1. Both your project and your acting are receiving glowing reviews.

I said I wanted to be recognized for my acting, but something always felt short. But I’m thrilled and grateful that people are complimenting me. Especially, the most impressive comment was, “He’s really different from other psychopaths.” � The script was intense and solid, so I thought I could just go along with the story and the vibe. But I’m flattered that people are showing great interest in my character.


Q2. For the first time, you played a villain role, no less a “psychopath.”

While playing Jung Ba Reum, I felt how much depth an evil role could have and how it can broaden my acting spectrum. If I can show various sides of me, I am ready to challenge anything.


Q3. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the ending.

The writer did such an amazing job till the end. I think it was the perfect ending that Jung Ba Reum could have chosen and that the viewers could accept.

Q4. What did the actors talk about on the last day of shooting?

I realized how much improvement I can make and how I can disappear into the role once I team up with great actors. On the last day of the shooting, we couldn’t have dinner together because of the pandemic. Also, we all ended on different days. We promised to meet again once the situation gets better.


Q5. What’s the most memorable episode during your shoot?

In the last episode, Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi meet in the interview room. And that scene is stuck in my memory. Apart from acting, it’s been a long time since I sincerely cried as I disappeared into the role. I gave my heart to this performance. Something like this rarely happens in an actor’s life, and I am grateful Hee Joon, for allowing me such a precious experience.


Q6. Lastly, anything you want to say to the viewers who are waiting for your comeback?

I’m going to take some time to recover my body and mind and look into various works. Since I just finished a heavy and serious series, my heart’s kind of set on rom-com. But it’s not set in stone. I’m trying to look for an approachable and funny series. Plus, the character and his story have to enter my heart, so I’m trying to review the offers with a relaxed mind.


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  • I glad that LSG stepped out of his comfort zone to play a role that an actor can realize his potential. Great job don t stop now. We owe can t wait to see what you will do next.

  • You are a wonderful actor. You have alot to give with the characters you choose. Besides being a wonderful person your looks are going to get you where you want to succeed. Thank you.

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