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Here are the top 10 weekly idols on the K-pop channel NEW K.ID for the fourth week of April. STAYC ranked first on NEW K.ID’s Weekly Idol Chart, with BLACKPINK and BTOB following on the top 3. The rest in the top 10 are respectively Dreamcatcher, Super Junior, ENHYPEN, Rocket Punch, DAY6, TXT, and GOT7.

Group STAYC keeps its #1 title on NEW K.ID’s Weekly Idol Chart. The girls successfully wrapped up their TV promotional activities for their song “ASAP”. Member Sumin also celebrated her first Rookie of the Year award during this round of promotions. She stated that she was very grateful for the award and is happy that the song was so well received. She added that she will “come back with a better song next time.” STAYC released their second single STAYDUM �last month and made it to the Billboard K-POP 100 chart with their title song “ASAP”, breaking both the music and album’s own record. Their song “ASAP” continues to rank on Korean weekly charts and the music video has exceeded 20 million views in just nine days since its release.

Again at the #2 spot is BLACKPINK. The group will be releasing their live album BLACKPINK THE SHOW‘ on June 1st. The album will feature live performances from their livestream concert “YG PALM STAGE �” 2020. YG Entertainment has announced that the album will consist of two CDs, with a total of 15 songs and a collection of photo books, photo cards, stickers, and more from various concert sites. The livestream concert was held on January 31 with about 280,000 subscribers on YouTube’s THE SHOW, with 19.2% viewership in the United States, recording the highest viewership at the time.

Coming in at #3 is BTOB. The group will team up with ATEEZ and Stray Kids on Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War. In the upcoming third round, they will compete against the team consisting of THE BOYZ, SF9, and iKON.

Weekly Hot News

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Taking the #4 spot is Dreamcatcher. And following behind at #5 is Super Junior. Yesung breaks his initial solo album record with his fourth mini-album Beautiful Night. He breaks his own record by selling over 85,000 copies, which is twice the number of albums sold for his 3rd mini-album Pink Magic.

ENHYPHEN takes the #6 spot. The group has been gaining a lot of fame in the US recently, especially with the release of their album BORDER: CARNIVAL. Their BORDER: CARNIVAL album ranked 13th in Billboard’s World Album Chart, and the title song “Drunk-Dazed” ranked 5th in World Digital Song Sales and 145th in the Billboard Global Chart.

Next up at #7 is ROCKET PUNCH. The group’s agency Woolim Entertainment released ROCKET PUNCH’s ‘Ring Ring’ music video teaser. The teaser reveals the group’s new retro concept and
addictive melody, which will be released on May 17th.

And at #8 is DAY6. Wonpil proved his potential in his first musical debut in the romance musical Midnight Sun. He led the opening performance and received positive reviews from the audience.

TXT takes the #9 spot this week. The group celebrates its 800 days since their debut just ahead of their comeback. Finally, at #10 on NEW K-ID’s Weekly Idol Chart is GOT7. Former GOT7 member JB will be returning to the music scene, joining H1ghr Music under the name “JAYB”. His first single is scheduled to be released on the 14th. He stated that his move to H1gher Music brings him closer to his goal of becoming a more multi-faceted artist.

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