‘Recalled’ Director Seo Yoo Min Defends Seo Ye Ji, Causing a Heated Debate

Recalled’ director Seo Yoo Min appeared on a podcast and mentioned the ongoing Seo Ye Ji’s issues.

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On April 23rd, Seo Yoo Min guest-starred on the podcast “Jung Young Jin and Choi Wook’s Maebull Show.” During her talks, the director shielded Seo Ye Ji, the lead actress of her film Recalled, which eventually sparked a heated debate.

Choi Wook brought up that Recalled gave good publicity thanks to controversies surrounding Seo Ye Ji. In response, director Seo expressed her regret, saying, “I think it’s somewhat unfair to say that. You said it resulted in some fine publicity we need, but that’s not true. I feel like crying.”

She also introduced Seo Ye Ji as someone who is “beautiful and has such passion for the craft of acting.” She also explained that “world-shaking” is the word that describes her.

Director Seo was then asked, “Did the actress ask for the deletion of romance scenes or demanded anyone stay professional?” This question was an indirect mention of Seo Ye Ji “manipulating” Kim Jung Hyun.

However, Seo Yoo Min answered, “Honestly, Seo Ye Ji was faithful to the screenplay. She worked so hard that I was hesitant to change even one small thing.” To which, Choi Wook shared, “She works hard on her project but demands her boyfriend to change the script. That’s too much.”

That’s when director Seo defended the actress by saying, “I think the person who changes the script because he was told to do so is a bigger problem. The movie isn’t just about actors and the director. More than 100 people have put their hearts in. It’s my first film, and it’s dying.”

Since her remarks went viral, people started a heated debate. Here are some of the comments: “As the director, she can say whatever she wants.” “She just attacked Kim Jung Hyun, and that’s not cool.” “They are both wrong. Not one is worse than the other.”

Meanwhile, Recalled was released on the 21st amid Seo Ye Ji’s continued controversies. Despite all the worries, it has attracted 149,200 moviegoers, ranking first in the box office.


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  • you better stop adding fuel to the fire that is about to subside. you guys don’t know what really happened. if the director defended SYJ, that is because she knows her well and she never believed the false accusations you’re throwing to SYJ.

  • I always admire her no matter what other people say to her. Seo ye ji is #1 in my heart

  • Seo ye ji, if you are reading this.. keep slayin girl. We got you.

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