Three Questions that ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’ Must Answer Before the Finale

JTBC’s Sisyphus: The Myth is nearing the finish line of its eight-week journey. With only two episodes remaining, we will look at three questions that are yet to be answered.


1. How and why Sigma started the nuclear war

Credit: JTBC

October 31st in Sisyphus: The Myth is the day when the Republic of Korea is destroyed. The entire country falls into chaos when an atomic bomb drops on Wolseong nuclear power plant. Without a minute for people to escape, countless missiles flew into Seoul. This is the grand plan of Sigma, the absolute evil. If so, the following question follows. How and why did Sigma start a nuclear war? In the trailer, Han Tae Sul mentions, “You launched a nuclear with this.” Naturally, more questions arise regarding the truth about October 31st.


2. What did Cho Seung Woo see in the Time Paradox?

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Han Tae Sul reached a dead end because of Sigma’s elaborate plot and was forced to make a final decision. After seeing the future with his own bone ash that Yeo Bong Sun brought from the future, he heralded Sigma’s last showdown. In the future that Tae Sul saw, there was himself and Kang Seo Hae confronting Sigma in the cathedral on the last day. It was different from the future that Kang Seo Hae saw, where they were standing in wedding dress and suit. The fact that the two were in their casual clothes implies an unexpected change in the future. Tae Sul’s plan to defeat Sigma, which he saw in the Time Paradox, will be the most significant key point in this week’s episodes.


3. On October 31st, what’s going to happen to Sung Dong Il?

Credit: JTBC

Lastly, the viewers need some answers to questions about President Park, the owner of Asia Mart. His real name is Park Hyung Do. He was behind bars for murder, and he survived the nuclear war that broke out on October 31st. Afterward, he was one of the first people to hop on the uploader to climb back in time. Since then, he has set up his Asia Mart to wait for his family, who is still in the future. Who did he kill? And why is his family still staying in the future?

In the meantime, it was revealed that 3 million KRW (about $2,688) that he sent every month went to his wife in the present time. Park Hyung Do doubted that his wife’s affair and started laying his hands on her. President Park always shed tears when he saw his wife, who had bruises all over her body. Looking at him, we know that he’s full of regret about his past and apologies to his wife. He is clearly planning something for October 31st. And to him, Bing Bing says, “Is this the day President Park is killed by Park Hyung Do?” What will be the ending of President Park?


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