[New Tracks To Know] The Sophisticated Charms of ASTRO’s ‘All Yours’

Credit: Fantagio Music
Credit: Fantagio Music

ASTRO has returned with a second full-length album, All Yours, after two years and three months.

This is their return as a whole group in about ten months after Gateway, their 7th mini-album. All Yours is a part of their ‘All’ sequels following the first full-length album, All Light. ASTRO has depicted their dedication to giving all of them in the album. The album has ten tracks, including the title track “ONE,” and songs of various genres written by the group’s members, MJ, Jinjin, and Rocky.

Let’s take a look at how ASTRO presents their charms in All yours, as they celebrate the 5th anniversary since debut this year.


1. Dear My Universe

This is a medium-tempo pop song with ASTRO’s messages for their fans. The melodies with alluring synth sounds and drums allow members’ sweet voices to shine through.

2. Butterfly Effect

It is a pop-dance track with futuristic sounds on top of groovy beats and synth music. The figurative lyrics express ASTRO’s journey toward their dreams as they flap their wings into the future.

3. ONE

The dance track combines powerful electronic sounds with trap and R&B. Its lyrics deliver the message of becoming together with the precious ones during the glorious moment, like the starlight. They added energy and fierceness into the cheerful mood of ASTRO.

4. Someone Else

MJ, Jinjin, and Moonbin demonstrated a new type of synergy through this song. The hip-hop beat at the beginning catches the ears, and the future bass mixed with the soft acoustic sounds adds fun to the track.

5. SNS

It is an R&B track with charming minimal sounds and catchy melodies. The romantic voices of Cha Eunwoo, Rocky, and Yoon Sanha stand out in this song. Its lyrics describe what it is like to live a busy modern life and how it’s like to date and talk with someone.

6. All Good

The cheerful whistles and the dance rhythm in a pop style are noteworthy in this song. The team’s leader Jinjin joined in composing and producing the track, boosting ASTRO’s style even further. The sentimental and lively voices of members remind the listeners of the spring.

7. All Stars

This dance song has joyful and exciting guitar riffs and beats. The lyrics convey a hopeful message for youths who are struggling.

8. Our Spring

It is a futuristic bass track with wholesome guitar sounds and vocals. The song depicts the concerns that come with being happy with a loved one. It worries about how the relationship will end up, like how the spring fades. Rocky produced the song from its concept to lyrics, unraveling the sentimental spirit of ASTRO.

9. Stardust

The ballad is filled with the mellowness of a calm piano, warm strings, and vocals. The lyrics add to the sentiments as they talk about the hope and comfort from a particular figure. They portray how this certain existence has become a ray of light amongst the darkness.

10. Gemini

MJ has written, composed, and arranged the song. With building the layers of instruments and chorus, the intro conveys a sense of hope to the track. It is a song that MJ presents to AROHA, who has always been there for ASTRO, with members’ gratitude.


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