Upcoming K-Drama: A Character Guide to a Rom-Com, ‘Oh My Ladylord’ 

Credit: MBC

Will Lee Min Ki and Nana’s romance be able to raise MBC dramas’ reputation from the ashes as they live together?

MBC is presenting its first mini-series for the year since Kairos and The Spy Who Loved Me last December. Oh My Ladylord is about a man who chooses not to date and a woman who cannot date, as they fall for each other while living together under a contract. Scriptwriter Cho Jin Guk who demonstrated delicate and fairytale-like stories in Soulmate, Hello Franceska, and You Are My Destiny, also wrote for this show. At the same time, producer Oh Da Young from Bleak Night and Bad Papa joined with her young and sentimental directing.


Lee Min Ki as Han Bi Soo, the Thriller Drama Screenwriter

Credit: MBC

Living up to the name, which means ‘dagger’, Bi Soo puts daggers to people’s hearts on a daily basis and thinks he knows it all. As a selfish and self-centered germaphobe, he has obsessive compulsions over keeping doors closed. Currently, he is ‘The Best Thriller Screenwriter’ in the country. Bi Soo’s work revives from almost failing. Thanks to Oh Joo In, an actress he previously refused to cast three times. After he starts to live with Oh Joo In under a contract, the heartless thriller gradually becomes a different genre and becomes Bi Soo’s sincere love letter to Joo In.


Nana as Oh Joo In, the Actress Who’s a Rom-Com Queen

Credit: MBC

Oh Joo In is Korea’s acclaimed rom-com Queen. Contrary to her flashy outward appearances, she became the breadwinner since 17 after her father passed away, leaving her with a large debt and an ill mother. She thought being an actress would make her a fortune. And she jumped into the show business thinking that she could play happiness that she couldn’t achieve in her real life. Although she was rejected by Han Bi Soo three times as a struggling actress, she becomes the savior of his TV series as it faces a crisis. She begins to live with Bi Soo, who has OCD with fear of not completing his writing unless he is at a Hanok. (T/N: Hanok is traditional Korean housing.)


Kang Min Hyuk as Jung Yoo Jin, KT Cosmetics’ Head of Management Planning

Credit: MBC

Jung Yoo Jin is the third-generation chaebol(billionaire) of a cosmetics company. He has a soft, delicate, and caring personality. Once he likes someone, he does not change his mind. He fell in love with Oh Joo In at first sight in his schooldays, and he is still in love with her. While he left for France to study, he returned home for Oh Soo-jin and joint management of the cosmetics company in Korea. After choosing Oh Joo In as the brand model of KT Cosmetics, he decides to confess to his long-time crush. However, he finds out that she is living with another man.


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