Hong Sang Soo Shows His Love for His Lover Kim Min Hee in His Silver Bear Acceptance Speech

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee showed off their solid love affair.

Credit: Vogue korea

Director Hong, who won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay with his film Introduction, delivered his special acceptance speech via a recorded video. And the second half of his speech was a snail video with Kim Min Hee’s singing.

First, he expressed his joy through his heartfelt speech.

“Hi, this is Hong Sang Soo, greetings from South Korea.

I heard the news about this prize and I was surprised and happy.

I would like to thank the jury for their appreciation for the film.

I was happy to read the jury statement.

I also would like to thank Berlin Film Festival and Carlo and Mark for their appreciation and the selection.

I found this young snail a long time ago while on a walk with Kim Min Hee around our place and I wanted to show this snail as a small present to you all.

It’s a hard time. Take care, take good care of yourselves.”

Credit: Berlin Film Festival Website

After his speech ends, a short clip of the snail he mentioned is shown, and in the background, his lover Kim Min Hee is singing Doris Day’s “Que Sera Sera.”

The award ceremony was held online in the aftermath of the pandemic, and this was a Hong Sang Soo’s way of greeting, which was quite different from other directors who showed their faces and delivered their acceptance speeches.


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