HyunA Fingered as a School Perpetrator; HyunA Personally Refutes the Claims and Shows Worries for Her Fans

Credit: HyunA Instagram

The school violence scandals have swept the entertainment industry clean off.

On Feb 23, a post titled “HyunA, I thought you would contact me first. Aren’t you also the school perpetrator” was posted on an online community. In her post, she wrote, “The evidence is gone, but I still remember it. I’m still pissed.” She then claimed that HyunA slapped her during the fifth-grade elementary school festival. As proof of what she said, she released HyunA’s elementary school graduation photo.

After the debate over the allegations surfaced, HyunA took her Instagram account to give an explanation and show her worries for her fans.

“It has been over a decade, well actually, 14 years since my debut. Sometimes, when I receive excessively distorted or wrong attention, I thought that it’s because I’m not good enough.
Even though I would get angry, I tried to understand it, thinking that it was my choice for my dream and that it’s also a kind of attention. Or maybe they just don’t like me…
But my fans who always get hurt and mend their pain and pretend to be okay just like me… my fans who support me on stage and on TV… I don’t want them to get hurt for no good reason.
Now I’m 30 years old, and I carefully bring this up for the first time.
I debuted at a young age around 15. I’m very thankful that I received a lot of love, and with that thought in mind, I want to continue to share my warm heart and learn more as I have been doing so far.
And I’m sure there’s a lot more to tell you, but I’m afraid you might not want to hear it.
Staring my career as a child actor at the age of 8, I have been living my dream of becoming a singer and became a trainee since I was in 5th grade at the age of 12. So if I have to say it now, my school days are filled with regrets.
I had to catch a bus to the label right after school, and I even thought my childhood memories were robbed back then.
The point is, I have never slapped or beat up someone. I hope many happy things come to the person who wrote that post.”


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