Gill will Take Legal Actions against False Accusations Claiming His Assault and Threat

Singer Gill refuted the claim of singer and producer Tank, who claimed Gill to have assaulted and threatened him. Hence, Gill’s legal representative Oracle Corporation stated on the 19th that “The individual’s claim is clearly false, and the act of spreading and reproducing such is a crime.”

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Tank has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel on the 17th, claiming that “Gill has been deceiving everyone.” He claimed that the singer assaulted his manager, dated four girlfriends at once, and treated producers as if they were his slave without a contract for a year. He also claimed that Gill threatened a composer when they said they would file a plagiarism suit, verbally abused and assaulted staff members including fellow producers, managers, and stylists.

Gill’s side has said that “if Gill unilaterally ordered producers to work and did not compensate for that, we would like to ask them why their copyright share of “Horangnabi” is three times higher than Gill’s. It is also questionable when and how Gill was able to lock people up in the practice room which Infinite Challenge members all shared. The claim that Gill tried to blame them about the copyright issue is also groundless.”

They added, “they have been sending videos or messages to not only Gill but also other artists, repeatedly complaining of his mental distress, asking them to work together or to buy alcohol for him. Despite all this, Gill felt sorry for him and endured it as someone who has once been a member of the same team.”

Gill’s legal representative also mentioned that they could not stay quiet anymore as atrocities continued. “It led up to him mentioning the name of the deceased, for the purpose of humiliating Gill. He also mentioned celebrities who were not related at all.”

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Gill is to proceed with criminal charges and claims for damages through his legal representatives. Oracle Corporation stressed that they will actively take legal measures and will remain strict to take no agreements nor leniencies in the process.


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