‘KINGDOM’ Officially Debuts with the Goal to Receive a Rookie Award This Year

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The debut album of the seven-member boy band KINGDOM is finally being unveiled. On the afternoon of the 18th, KINGDOM (members including Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Jahan, and Chiwoo) will release their first mini-album History Of Kingdom : Part I. Arthur �as they make their official debut to the industry. With an album featuring Arthur’s story that marks the beginning of an epic, KINGDOM plans to continue their grand story of “seven countries and seven kings” which feels like a fantasy movie.

KINGDOM talked of various stories related to their debut album through their agency, ahead of their official debut.


Q1. How do you feel about debuting today?

Honestly, it doesn’t feel real. We’ve been working three years straight for our debut, so we’re indescribably happy and grateful. On the other hand, we couldn’t sleep as we were worried. But we’ve been practicing for a long time and have prepared something even we consider a great performance, so we want to greet the public with the group ‘KINGDOM’ asap.


Q2. What do you hope to demonstrate through your first mini-album?

We practiced and put a lot of effort to show our teamwork. We also wanted to show songs that only KINGDOM can embody, and only KINGDOM can perform. So we studied our characteristics a lot and practiced with the team’s strength in our minds, which is the performance we could show as kings. We will show everyone what kind of group KINGDOM is through our stages.


Q3. What is the strength of KINGDOM that is different from other idol groups?

That seems to be our thorough universe and the excellent music that supports it. We think we can demonstrate our various unique and unmatched colors. Our group performance also cannot go unmentioned, as it will be fun to watch out for the seven members who all have different vocals and dance styles.

Q4. What are some of the things we should listen and watch out for in the title track “EXCALIBUR”?

The dance move in which we wipe our collar bones at the chorus, and the song as a whole, is something to watch and listen out for. From the instrumentals to the chorus, the song effectively embodies KINGDOM’s unique charms. There is also a dance break where we stab our swords into the ground, so we recommend paying attention to that part.


Q5. Is there a shared role model for KINGDOM?

We admire and respect BTS for their great influence on all of us.


Q6. You have made your first start as a ‘Fantasy Idol’. Are there any titles you hope to be called by the public?

We want titles such as ‘King of Kings’, ‘the Team to lead the 4th Gen. Idols’, ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Monster Rookie.’


Q7. What is your goal for the year?

We would like to participate in the year-end award ceremony and win a rookie award. We also want to be KINGDOM that tries their best to be the ‘Fantasy Idol.’ We would appreciate it if everyone shows us a lot of support and looks out for us.


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