Chungha Talks About How Hard She Worked for the First Studio Album

Singer Chungha challenges the entire K-pop scene with her first full-length album.

Credit: MNH Entertainment

On the evening of the 15th, Chungha held an online media showcase to mark the release of her new full-length album Querencia. Four years after debuting as a soloist, she has demonstrated a full-length album filled with her musical passions and efforts. After pre-releasing “Stay Tonight” back in April of last year, she completed this album in about 10 months.

“Ironically, though this is a comeback in a year and eight months, I have not once taken a break,” she said. “I have been spending busy days preparing for Querencia.” She also said that she has not been able to sleep properly for the past few days as it felt surreal that Querencia is finally coming out.

About the upcoming album, the artist introduced it to consist of “4 chapters and various songs.” “I became a little greedy and released many songs in advance. Querencia was my haven in 2020, and I prepared it wishing for it to also be a haven for the fans, even if that may be only 3-minutes.”

Chungha stated that “this album has [her] blood, sweat, tears, and even [her] bones.” She said that she wanted to portray a ‘healthy’ side of hers as many still do not know that she has fully recovered. “I wanted to let people know that Chungha is healthy through the song. I have also become a little more confident. I want to finish activities for Querencia as my healthier and more confident self,” she added.

Credit: MNH Entertainment

She also unraveled the story behind her participation in “Bicycle” as she wrote the lyrics. “Though I was not used to it, it was fun. The original lyrics for the song were completely different from the current version. As I listened to the song, I thought of the story I wrote.” The soloist confessed that she did not expect “Bicycle” for the title track of the album. “I was scared because it was a new challenge for me. However, I wanted to challenge the most as Querencia is my journey of challenges, so I ended up choosing it.”

Chungha’s first full-length album Querencia has been released at 6 p.m. KST to various music streaming platforms.


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