Things to Keep an Eye Out For in the Season 3 of Mystery Variety Show ‘Busted!’

Credit: Netflix

Busted! has one last case to solve ahead of them. The show will present the family-like chemistry between detectives who are now quite professional at solving the final case of the third season on the 22nd. Consisting of entertainment show veterans Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Min, and rookies such as Park Min Young, Sehun, and Sejung, the cast will demonstrate the power of Korea entertainment programs. Fans are paying attention to how the detective squad’s victory will make its finale.


1. Netflix’s First-Ever Korean Original Series

Credit: Netflix

Back in 2018, Busted! was a raw variety show as the team of sloppy detectives, eager to solve mysteries, reunited and together ran towards the end of a conspiracy bigger than before. As the first Korean program to be a Netflix original series, it also paved the road as the first entertainment show. It received love from all around the world for its unique universe which bases its stories around a ‘Project D.’ The third season has been reported to reveal the final secret of Project D as the “List of potential criminals” provides hints.


2. Clumsy Detectives Who Came Together as One

Credit: Netflix

After Lee Kwang Soo ran away with the chip of Project D last season, and Lee Seung Gi tricked everyone while being the killer of flowers, the group has once again united as a whole. While more suspicious than anyone else, the two still managed to portray their sloppy yet enthusiastic sides within the detective squad. As they became as close as real friends, the group comes together as one unique combination. Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Min, the team’s top two mystery solver Park Min Young, Kim Se Jeong, handsome detective Lee Seung Gi, and Sehun have united with a stronger bond than ever. The detective squad’s teamwork is worth anticipating.


3. Both the Mystery and the Humor Have Become Stronger and More Intense!

Credit: Netflix

The elements of crime thriller have been added to season 3. The rather realistic cases unfold throughout the first half of the story, putting pressure on the clumsy detectives. The show intimidates the viewers as it reveals the reality of an organization that punishes criminals who are not judged under the system, and unprecedented cases cause butterfly effects. The humor within the show has also doubled. The detective squad works their brains out in a more delicate way as they throw themselves into an extraordinary mission ahead of them. The squad’s last appearance will deliver unexpected laughter and refreshing joy.

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