Max Changmin Sends Full Support to U-Know Yunho as He Makes a Solo Comeback

Credit: SM Entertainment

TVXQ’s teamwork has once again shone through as Changmin hyped Yunho’s solo comeback by supporting him.

Credit: SM Entertainment

On the morning of the 18th, U-Know Yunho held the press conference for his second mini-album NOIR. The conference was hosted by Changmin, as the two’s chemistry added to the fun of the online press conference.

This is a solo album released by Yunho in about a year and seven months after his first mini, True Colors. Changmin pointed out Yunho’s passion, saying, “I really felt that Yun Ho has poured all of his passion into preparing for this. Even his DNA is filled with passion.”

U-know Yunho also took pride in it, as he participated in the planning and producing of the album. “As Changmin said, this is an album I’ve poured my soul into,” he said.

The title song “Thank U” is a pop dance song with a dramatic development and a catchy chorus. The song was completed with a music video that includes the enthusiastic performances of Yunho, Hwang Jung Min, and Lee Jung Hyun.

After the release of the music video, Changmin commented, “It feels as if I’ve watched a grand film noir movie. More so with the ending credits. I think fans will like it because it’s a new side of Yun Ho.”

Regarding the various memes of him online, Yunho revealed that it came to him as a burden at first. “There were people who also talked badly about me. But everything became an idea for me. I considered it the most important thing to overcome myself,” he explained. In response, Changmin added, “It’s not easy to overcome such burden, but listening to you, I feel like you are one of a kind.”

When asked about the genre of movie he would express himself as, Yunho answered, “a human-story type of movie. I wondered how it would be if a movie of the human genre was made.”

Additionally, when asked to advise younger singers, he said, “I want everyone to know what they want in detail, and to believe it. There will be trials and errors, but I hope you don’t worry too much and believe that a good opportunity is on its way.” Changmin also said that faith in oneself is the most important.

Credit: SM Entertainment

On this day, Changmin acted as the emcee of Yunho’s album release press conference as he helped Yunho to relieve his tension. They demonstrated teamwork, showing what it’s like to have been a duo for the past 18 years.


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