‘Hangout with Yoo’ Donates Total of 1.8 Billion Won in Proceeds of SSAK3, REFUND SISTERS and Yoo San Seul

Credit: MBC

The heart of online communities has been warmed by the news of Hangout with Yoo‘s huge donation.

Credit: MBC

According to MBC on the 25th, Hangout with Yoo is donating 1.8 billion Won (approximately 1.6 million USD) which is Yoo Jae Suk, SSAK3, REFUND SISTERS, and Yoo San Seul’s total proceeds from their projects, albums, and additional deals.

This is the most donation that MBS has achieved to give within a year in 2020. It is also the biggest donation made by a single program, having a positive influence on others.

Credit: MBC

Hangout with Yoo‘s donations started back in 2019 when the drum master Yooplash donated his album proceeds to music funds to support musically gifted children who are in difficult environments. Proceeds from Yoo San Seul’s album and calendar sales from the “Bbong For You” project were also donated to a project for feeding vulnerable children, via the Community Chest of Korea.

From the 1.8 billion Won collected in 2020, about 100 million Won was donated to the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund, Babsang Coal Briquette Community Foundation, Seoul Arts Center, and the Food Service for Vulnerable Children. The remaining 1.7 billion won will be delivered to 10 different organizations chosen by Hangout with Yoo‘s crew and cast.

Credit: MBC

A donation like the ones made by Hangout with Yoo is becoming rarer to find in entertainment programs on terrestrial channels. The show’s director, Kim Tae Ho, has once again created a “national TV show” by continuing the good deeds from his previous show Infinite Challenge, along with the provision of laughter and affection.


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