A.C.E’s “GOBLIN (FAVORITE BOYS)” Ranks at No. 1 on “The 40 best K-pop songs of 2020” by Dazed


A.C.E came under the spotlight by global media outlets.

Recently, Dazed released their own “The 40 best K-pop songs of 2020” list, and for the list, A.C.E’s “GOBLIN (FAVORITE BOYS)” landed at No. 1.

Dazed introduced the group, saying, “A.C.E excelled with last year’s tumultuous, rock-heavy approach on “Under Cover,” and “Goblin (Favorite Boys),” which pulls double-duty as a self-hype anthem and a Korean myth-inspired, world-building tool, adopts similar stadium-friendly guitars and full throttle percussion to set up what great K-pop is renowned for: a turbo-charged thrill ride.”

About the group’s song “GOBLIN (FAVORITE BOYS),” they wrote, “‘Goblin’ bears not an iota of musical likeness to the sounds of the 70s and 80s currently gripping K-pop, but the manner in which it commands attention reflects the bigger, better, bolder, and brasher mindset of the latter decade.” The list includes some of the best K-pop names like BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, NCT 127, SuperM and Seventeen.

The song also ranked at No. 22 on the same-themed chart released by Paper. They wrote, “An idiosyncratic mix of rock, hip-hop, and whirling synths, ‘Goblin (Favorite Boys), throws everything into the mix … and the result is the year’s most visceral listening experience. More than three years into their careers, and A.C.E continue to release some of the most dynamic, and criminally underrated, work among their K-pop contemporaries.”

In September, A.C.E dropped their album HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy and the title track “GOBLIN (FAVORITE BOYS)” and once again captivated the global fandom with their unique, powerful choreography and unrivaled vocals.

Meanwhile, A.C.E is leading expectations by heralding global promotions and collaboration in 2021.

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