[Weekly Up & Down] Korean Movies Turn Their Heads Towards Netflix vs. Ongoing “Produce Vote Manipulation” Controversy

#Cha In Pyo and Space Sweepers to Be Released on Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Cha In Pyo, a comedy film starring Cha In Pyo, and Space Sweepers, Korea’s first SF blockbuster, confirmed their exclusive release on Netflix. Cha In Pyo, which follows a former big star’s struggle to regain his glory, will be unveiled on Jan 1, while the exact release date for A Werewolf Boy director’s new mega-project Space Sweepers, starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Hae Jin and Jin Sun Kyu, is still unconfirmed. Yoo Jung Hoon, CEO of the production company Merry Christmas, said, “Considering the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the changes in the content distribution system and the expansion of content IP (Content Intellectual Property), we have decided to release the movie via Netflix.” On Nov 27, The Call, starring Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo, will be released.


#Sayuri Chooses to Become a Mother Without Getting Married

TV personality Sayuri gave birth to a son after getting pregnant with a sperm donor, making headlines. Sayuri, who welcomed a baby boy into her family on Nov 4, said, “I would like to thank everyone. I lived with my own life in the center till now, but I will live for my son from now on.” Regarding her choice to get pregnant in Japan, she said, “In Korea, only married women are allowed to receive IVF treatments, and everything is illegal,” and stressed, “I hope Korea will also recognize women’s right to have a baby.” Since she announced her decision, there has been a wave of congratulatory and supporting messages, and “giving birth without getting married” became a hot topic among the political circles.


#Kang Dong Ho, Lee Kaeun and More Turn Out to Be the Victims of “Produce Vote Manipulation”

A year has passed since the controversy over the vote and ranking manipulations for the Produce series was raised. While the production team was sentenced to prison in an appeals court on Nov 18, the court decided to reveal the names of trainees who were victimized by the manipulation. As a result, 12 trainees, including Kang Dong Ho, Lee Kaeun and Lee Jin Hyuk, who received a lot of support but were eventually eliminated, were revealed to be the victims. Meanwhile, Mnet promised to “take full responsibility and compensate the trainees” but still pushed forward with Produce 48‘s group IZ*ONE’s comeback next month, causing public outrage.


#The Late Choi Jin Sil’s Son Hwanhee Debuting as a Singer

The late Choi Jin Sil’s son Hwanhee will officially make his debut as a singer. On Nov 18, Hwanhee’s agency said, “Hwanhee’s stage name is Z.flat. He will take his first step into the industry with a self-composed song.” The title track of Z.flat’s first single is “Designer,” a bright hip-hop genre composed and written by himself. His debut project will be a collaboration with singer HONDAM, a talented vocalist.


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