Jimin Shares Secrets to Singing High Notes in ‘Fake Love’

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BTS took part in the recent episode of Immortal Songs 2 to show their support for their producer Pdogg and shared behind-the-scenes stories of their hit songs. Before Sunwoo Jung A performed “Fake Love,” BTS chatted about how they felt before performing the song at Billboard Music Awards and a “secret” behind hitting the high notes.

When the turn for “Fake Love” came, the production team asked BTS, “You held your comeback stage at 2018 Billboard Music Awards?” Before the question ended, Jimin blurted out, “I thought I was gonna throw up. I was so nervous.” Jin added to this by saying, “In (Korean) music shows, at least you get to rehearse and practice a few times. But for Billboard Music Awards, we had to perform live without a rehearsal.”

Suga said, “This song has really high notes. It’s almost a female key.” Jin added, “When we were singing this song, Pdogg said that he loves the voice that has been raised to the limit.” Jungkook and J-Hope jokingly added, “He likes that dizziness and uneasiness.”

Jimin said, “It was hilarious when we recorded this. I was doing my best, but Pdogg was next to me yelling, ‘Lift your heels and put strength on your ass!'” He then even gave a demonstration, giving a big laugh.

About “Fake Love,” Pdogg said, “It was a time when I and BTS members were all exhausted. It’s a song that shows how we were on the inside at the time.”

When BTS learned that Sunwoo Jung A would be singing the song, members, especially RM who is a fan of her, showed great enthusiasm. Much to the excitement of BTS, Sunwoo Jung A presented one fantastic performance.

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