MONSTA X Thanks Their Fans for All the Enthusiastic Support

Credit: Starship Entertainment

MONSTA X made a splendid comeback with their 3rd full-length album. FATAL LOVE is their first full-length album in about two years since they dropped ARE YOU THERE. The new album is composed of 10 colorful tracks, including the title track “Love Killa.”

Again, MONSTA X has participated in writing, composing and producing a number of songs. If the group boasted their own musical color through powerful performances in the previous albums, this time, they kept their unique color but unfolded it in a new style, challenging a dynamic transformation.

MONSTA X delivered their thoughts about the recent album through their label.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

Q1. This is your 3rd full-length album.

Minhyuk: I thought that we have worked really hard. I would like to say thank you to our members who gave strengths during difficult times, and also our fans.
Hyungwon: We made this album thinking about going back to the basics. We worked on it hard and prepared a lot for our performances.


Q2. You guys tried something new for this album.

Shownu: We wanted to show something fresh. We really focused on the music and the storytelling in the album is quite similar to a thriller movie, so there is this tension within the songs.
Jooheon: If our previous songs are solid and intense, this album is more secretive and soft. There is also this “relaxed manner” we acquired over time. In short, you can say that we became more “fatal.”


Q3. Please introduce your new title track, “Love Killa.”

Kihyun: It’s a song that feels like a bad guy who gallops without hesitation for desire. There is the intensity we had and the new relaxed softness. We try to look cool but also include the passion we had before. This time, we are going to show you the sexiness that flows out naturally.

Q4. I heard you put a lot of cinematic motifs into the music video of “Love Killa.”

Minhyuk: It will look like a film noir. There is a cinematic feel to the music itself, like narration that sounds like a monologue or lines from movies, and there are also compositions that are rarely attempted in music videos. In particular, the theme for this music video is the love of six killers, and I think you will feel something new every time you watch it because it has dark and cruel sides of love, such as greed and love-hate.


Q5. Fans are showing enthusiastic responses.

Jooheon: I think it’s because we made transformations based on our strengths. They showed great reactions when the concept photos were released, but showed even hotter responses after our performance was unveiled for the first time, so we’re going on every stage with confidence.


Q6. Last words to your fans?

I.M.: Since we can’t continue our overseas promotions, we are preparing a lot to communicate with our global fans. If you wait just a little bit longer, we will find more diverse ways to get in touch with you.


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