MAMAMOO Introduces Their New Album ‘TRAVEL’

It was as expected. MAMAMOO did it again.

MAMAMOO, who made their grand comeback as a full group in a year with a new mini-album TRAVEL, proved their power from the first day. The first day the album was dropped, it sold more than 100,000 copies and achieved “all-kill” on music charts.

After marking their triumphant comeback, MAMAMOO delivered their thoughts on their comeback as a whole group through their agency.


Q1. I’m sure you feel different from when you were promoting as solo singers.
When we work as solo singers, then we get to sing music that shows an individual’s color and personality, but MAMAMOO is still more fun and reliable when we are together.


Q2. If you introduce your new album?
The album is designed to convey the excitement and consolation of traveling through music in these days when it is difficult to relax and enjoy leisure time.

Q3. You challenged your first Arabic music through the title song “AYA.
As it is a new genre for us, we wanted to show a new look with new styling. We have also put a lot of effort into wild and intense performances to match various variations and colorful music.


Q4. You held your first-ever comeback show as the prize of winning Mnet’s Queendom.
We were nervous as it was our first comeback show, but we were more excited. We paid great attention to our setlist and stage composition to show MAMAMOO’s unique music and performance.


Q5. You are much loved not only by your fans but also by the public.
I think the key point is honesty. They enjoy the way we look on stage, but they seem to empathize and laugh more with the honesty we show off-stage. And we are grateful for that. I think we can challenge new things because there are people who support us.

Credit: RBW

Q6. Solar is receiving keen attention for her YouTube content.
Solar: Like my channel’s name (solarsido), I wanted to show you various attempts through YouTube. Usually, when there are things I want to challenge, I take notes and make them into content, and I also refer to ideas from people around me.


Q7. Moonbyul is hosting a show on NAVER NOW. Is there any guest you want to invite?
Moonbyul: Kim Sook. I really want to get to know her. I love how she is straightforward about everything, and the “coolness” that exudes from that is so awesome.


Q8. Hwasa has a lot of “alternate characters.”
Hwasa: Thankfully, I received a lot of love for my “alternate characters.” All of them have their differences, but still, I think my real personality as “Hwasa” is melted into all these characters. I hope you consider them as different sides of me.


Q9. When will we be able to listen to Wheein’s solo album?
Wheein: I’m working hard to greet our MooMoos with my solo album. But my goal right now is to promote our new album well.


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