‘Number 1’ Fellow Comedians and Netizens Lose Their Temper over How Yoon Hyung Bin Treats His Wife

As Jung Kyung Mi and Yoon Hyung Bin became the next comedian couple to star in Number 1, netizens hit the ceiling over how Yoon Hyung Bin treats his pregnant wife.

The recent episode of JTBC’s Number 1, which aired on Oct. 11, revealed Jung Kyung Mi and Yoon Hyung Bin couple’s daily lives. Throughout the episode, Yoon Hyung Bin was put on a chopping block.

Credit: JTBC

When Jung said that she doesn’t want to see the meat, Yoon replied, “You having morning sickness?” Jung added, “My morning sickness has been gone for a while. Do you even know if I had morning sickness?” To which, Yoon replied, “You had it?,” shocking fellow comedians who were at the studio,

During the conversation, it was revealed that Yoon didn’t know how many weeks his wife has been pregnant or even the name of the ob/gyn Jung has been going to. Bewildered by such behaviors, Park Mi Sun asked Yoon, “Did you even go to the ob/gyn with your wife after she got pregnant with the second child?” and Yoon couldn’t answer the question.

After the broadcast, netizens poured out their anger. “How can a husband not even know the name of the ob/gyn his wife goes to?” “He doesn’t deserve to have such a wife. He’s even worse than a dog,” “I really want to hug Jung Kyung Mi,” “I hope Jung Kyung Mi’s parents don’t see this. Seeing their daughter being treated like that,” or “Oh so I guess she got pregnant all by herself and that’s why you don’t give a damn about it.”

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Mi and Yoon Hyung Bin got married in 2013 after dating for 8 years.

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