Park Ha Sun Hits the Roof as She Opens Up About Being Stalked by a Crazy Stalker

Credit: SBS Plus

Park Ha Sun confessed that she has been stalked for years, shocking everyone.

On Oct. 8, Park Ha Sun appeared on SBS Plus’s new entertainment show You Can Count on Unnie (literal title) as a guest.

While listening to the story of Go player Cho Hye Yeon, who said she was suffering from being stalked, Park Ha Sun shocked everyone by confessing, “I have a stalker, too.”

She said, “I don’t really care about it, but that stalker even knows my kid’s name,” and added, “There was one guy who asked me to sign ‘I love you’ at my signing event. I don’t usually write those things, but he was pretty insistent, so I ended up writing it. And that to him was the day we started dating.”

“I attended an event the day before my wedding, and he even followed me there. He gave me the diary he wrote so far and even looked at me with resentful eyes, and said, ‘How can you get married.’ The worst part is that he even thinks that there is a child between us. He even gave a name to him,” she continued.

She also explained that the stalker was not punished even after she reported him. “That person wrote all kinds of things like sexual abuse on his own website. But he knows how to avoid being punished. For him to be charged with cybercrime, my name ‘Park Ha Sun’ needs to be clearly stated, but of all the writings, there is not a single mention of my name. He only referred to me as ‘my Ha Sun.’”

Park Ha Sun even thought of carrying elf-defense products. She added, “But my lawyer told me that I could be sued for assault. Since they can be considered as weapons, I can be charged with special violence.”

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