SF9 to Release Special Album to Mark Their 4th Debut Anniversary

Credit: FNC Entertainment

SF9, which marks their fourth debut anniversary, will express their gratitude to the fans through a special album.

SF9 will release their special album SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK on Oct. 5. This special album, which will be released on their debut date, is part of SF9’s 4th anniversary project, “FANTASY RACE.” It looks back on the past 4 years of SF9 and shows how the group cherishes all the support and love FANTASY (SF9 official fandom) has shown.

On Sept. 28, SF9’s label FNC Entertainment released a poster for “Shine Together,” the title track of the upcoming album. It is said that SF9 personally wrote the lyrics, thinking about their fans, raising the expectations.

Credit: FNC Entertainment

SF9’s special album, SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK, contains a total of three songs, including the title track “Shine Together” and a new song. The pre-orders are available from Sept. 28, and the songs and a music video will officially be unveiled on Oct. 5.

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