Dynamic Duo Talks About Amoeba Culture’s 15th Anniversary Album

On Sept. 24, Dynamic Duo released their first compilation album THEN TO NOW.

Credit: Amoeba Culture

THEN TO NOW is an album that looks back on Amoeba Culture’s past tracks with the slogan “From then on to now, now and forever.” The past hit songs of Amoeba Culture have been reinterpreted in jazz to complete a new type of album.

Dynamic Duo, the artist duo from Amoeba Culture, expressed their feelings about releasing the upcoming album.


Q1. How did you come up with an idea to fill a compilation album with past songs?
It seemed like a new and objective feeling for one outside producer to select and reexamine the already-released songs than the compilations made by company artists. We wanted people to think, “Oh? I think I’ve heard this song somewhere,” and recall the melodies, and I’m glad that her (the producer) expressed it even better than we expected.


Q2. How did you select the tracks?
We selected about 20 songs that could be our representative song, and among them, Kim Oki chose the ones that would be fun to rearrange into jazz.

Q3. How did you collaborate with Kim Oki Saturn Ballad?
We wanted to make something in a style that we didn’t even know, so we asked our company employees to research new artists. Several teams were mentioned, and the moment we heard his music, there was musical perfection, and in all, he just stood out.


Q4. Why did you choose jazz for your new compilation album?
I thought people would be tired of staying at home this long these days. We thought of what kind of music would sound pleasant to work to and talk to at home and cafe, and after thinking about it for a while, we believed that jazz arrangement would be nice.


Q5. What achievements do you want to achieve through this album?
It’s songs that make you enjoy the mood rather than being songs that are comfortable, melt into the atmosphere, and are listened with ears. It would be great to hear from fall to winter. I thought it would be amazing to listen to them while having a glass of whiskey after stepping out of the cold, going indoor, and taking my coat off.


Q6. Is there a blueprint that you want Amoeba Culture to show?
Dynamic Duo will work hard as Dynamic Duo. I hope we become a company that agonizes and compromises during the process of appealing to the public with music. You know, the atmosphere and color that can find rationality even in a compromise. If new artists come in, we will help that with all we can, and I hope we become a company that can communicate with the public with good music and quality music.


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