Devine Channel Releases Smashing Album in Collaborations with Various Artists

Devine Channel, an LA-based team of producers and writers, collaborated with many artists to create their first album, BYPRODUCT.

Ahead of the official release, producer and composer Lim Kwang Wook, the founder of Devine Channel, met with xportsnews to talk about their first album.

BYPRODUCT is Divine Channel’s first solo album in which they expressed the hip-hop genre in their own colors and emotions. Starting with “Faded,” a hip-hop track featuring dreamy and emotional melodies, to “Makmal” with oriental sounds and intense trap sounds, and “Post It!” featuring unique beats and fresh vibes, the album includes a total of 3 songs.

Lim Kwang Wook said, “I had a lot of fun writing songs for other artists, but I was thrilled to be able to create our own music without having to walk on eggshells.”

This album drew much attention as talented artists, including Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, EXO’s Chanyeol, rapper Loopy, Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDA, and Gwangil Jo, participated in the featuring. Lim Kwang Wook talked about how Gaeko and Chanyeol participated in the album.

“The two artists, who are popular and recognized for their skills, have already agreed to the collaboration from the get-go. I played the beats for Gaeko over a drink and he said he liked it, and I’ve worked with Chanyeol with EXO-SC project and he gladly said yes to the offer.”

The three tracks in BYPRODUCT capture the hip-hop genre in Devine Channel’s own color and emotions, creating freshness.

“I didn’t write the songs on this album with my head. I went with what my hands wrote. Because I got to solely capture Devine Channel’s sound, I expressed what I wanted to show from before.”

He said that he was able to collaborate with various artists thanks to the library he created. In fact, Kang Daniel’s solo debut title song “What are you up to” was produced despite the tight schedule thanks to this library.

Working as a producer in SM Entertainment, Lim Kwang Wook has shown his presence in numerous idol music by working with SM artists and other idols as well. When asked about who he wants to work with in the future, he chose Yerin Baek without hesitation.

“Yerin Baek has an amazing voice. I’ve worked with artists with a similar vibe, and I really want to work with her once.”

In the end, Lim Kwang Wook said, “I would like to gain the public’s trust through continuous work and be told that I am good at music. Rather than making a song with my head, I will try my best to write songs that I can express and deliver the emotions.”

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