‘Was It Love?’ Who Are You Rooting For?

As it is heading towards the end, Was It Love? is drawing happy worries from viewers as they are paying keen attention to where Noh Ae Jung and four men are heading to. Who are you rooting for? Let’s take a look at the relationship between Noh Ae Jung and four men.


Song Ji Hyo & Son Ho Joon

Noh Ae Jung (Song Ji Hyo) and Oh Dae Oh (Son Ho Jun) were in love 14 years ago, but broke up due to many misunderstandings and scars. As a result, No Ae Jung ended up treating Oh Dae Oh as a “dead person,” while Oh Dae Oh vowed for revenge. The two, who met 14 years later, quarreled even more, but their relationship became more exciting as Oh Dae Oh realized that he still had lingering affection left for No Ae Jung.


Song Ji Hyo & Song Jong Ho

The meeting between Noh Ae Jung and top star Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho) brings out the nostalgia of our first love that has been staying in our hearts. Ryu Jin is Noh Ae Jung’s college senior and first love. Fourteen years later, looking at Ryu Jin who became a top star, she recalls the days when she was sentimental and brilliant. Though he felt the same way as Noh Ae Jung, he only got to remain as a person who almost became special to her due to Oh Dae Oh’s obstruction, and since then, he had spent 14 years in regret of that one chance he missed. Plucking up his courage, Ryu Jin split with his agency to take charge of Ae Jung’s daughter Ha Ni (Um Chae Young).


Song Ji Hyo & Koo Ja Sung

Oh Yeon Woo (Koo Ja Sung) has been showing his affectionate for Ae Jung for 14 years. Just to see her face, he ran all the way to the college to take the same class with her and now he rents in her house to stay with her a bit more. Above all, he was the only one who knew about Ae Jung’s pregnancy 14 years ago, and wanted to share the responsibility from the bottom of his heart. Of course, he still feels the same way.


Song Ji Hyo & Kim Min Joon

Goo Pa Do, the only man who has nothing to do with Ae Jung’s college days, became a rock that firmly supports and protects Noh Ae Jung, who resembles the person he couldn’t protect. After getting close through a medium of being a parent, he secretly worries her and helps her with her movie, creating a mild stir.

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  • I can’t stand Oh Dae Oh’s behavior. He is clingy, controlling, obsessive. He is constantly grabbing Ae Jung and yanking her around, refusing to listen to her requests to back off, preventing her from even speaking with other people, meddling in her professional and personal lifes- including once stalking her daughter and ignoring the daughter’s requests to back off, and stating that the fact that he has feelings for her entitles him to behave this way.

    This is not the kind of guy who should end up in a relationship.

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