Kwon Mina Has Been Rushed to the Hospital And is Being Treated

Credit: Official Instagram of Kwon Mina

Former AOA member and actor Kwon Mina is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Kwon Mina’s agency Woori Actors said on August 8th, “Kwon Mina is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. It is not a life-threatening situation. You do not have to worry.”

Around 10 PM KST, Kwon Mina posted a picture of her after making an extreme decision on her social media account. Her the picture, her caption read, “I don’t want to go without feeling justice. Live well, Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, and Kim Seolhyun. My mother, sister, and family will not be able to say anything and they will cry even though they haven’t done anything wrong. Compensate them for being victims of psychological damage.

Her agency contacted the police as soon as they saw Kwon Mina’s post. She was taken to the hospital and is currently receiving treatment.

Kwon Mina revealed last month that she was harassed constantly by the Shin Jimin, the leader of her group AOA. Recently, she said that the remaining AOA members were all bystanders during the incident.

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