Former AOA member Kwon Mina Provides Update On Why She Unfollowed Every AOA Member on Instagram

Credit: Official Instagram of Kwon Mina
Credit: Official Instagram of Kwon Mina

Soon after former AOA member Kwon Mina revealed that she was recently hospitalized, she clarified why she unfollowed all of the AOA members on Instagram. She received numerous direct messages about it and wanted to explain it to the public.

Below is the full translation of her post:

I didn’t attempt to commit suicide just now. I tried maybe a month ago? This is something that happened as a result of my conversation with the FNC official. Also, there’s a lot of people asking why I unfollowed the AOA members on Instagram, sending expletives, and looking for more explanations through my direct messages. I’ll clarify right now. I don’t think I did something that deserves expletives.. First of all, all of you already know about the issue regarding Shin Jimin so I trust you will all understand. When Ms. Shin (Shin Jimin) cursed out and spread rumors about her best friend Ms. Kim (t/n: Referring to Kim Seolhyun), I never participated in it.

I actually really cared about Ms. Kim. I couldn’t really get close to her simply because she was best friends with Ms. Shin. But I was worried so I gave her sincere advice and sincerely worried about her. All the members knew that I was having a hard time because of Ms. Shin. When we were all sharing our thoughts in the end, Ms. Kim said she didn’t really care what happens and just said she didn’t like the situation. In my perspective, they are all bystanders and I was saddened by her words. When Shin Jimin and the other AOA members came by for an apology that didn’t even seem like an apology, a younger sibling of another Ms. Kim (Kim Chanmi) asked me a question. She asked, “But what about the good memories?” This sibling is young. So I just let them say whatever. I really couldn’t understand what they were saying. In front of her, she insults that unnie, but she tries to get on her good side in secret. From a certain angle, I guess she was trying to maintain a good social life, but to me, who doesn’t have a good social life, it just seemed really insincere and I couldn’t understand it.

Also, Seo unnie (Seo Yuna) really cared for me but there is absolutely no one who stood up for me against Shin Jimin unnie. But Shin (Shin Hyejeong) told that unnie, “Why can’t you remember? I even know about it and so does everyone else,” and told me to only accept a proper apology if I was going to accept an apology in the first place. But she has to make a proper apology first. Someone used the word “bystander” a lot. Ms. Kim’s friends�” and especially that one best friend�” �were obviously bystanders, so I unfollowed her (Seolhyun) first. Then I wanted to gradually erase my memories of AOA so I unfollowed all the members. I’m not asking for people to understand the situation because of this reason, and I’m also not asking people to stop sending me Direct Messages. I wrote this because I wanted to honestly talk about my perspective and my thoughts.

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