Former AOA member Kwon Mina Reveals She Was Recently Hospitalized After Trying to Take Her Own Life + Calls out FNC Entertainment

Credit: Official Instagram of Kwon Mina
Credit: Official Instagram of Kwon Mina

On her Instagram page, former AOA member Kwon Mina revealed that she was hospitalized after trying to take her own life. She also called out FNC Entertainment for failing to care for her. A few weeks earlier, Kwon Mina accused former AOA member Shin Jimin of harassing and bullying her for ten years. Mina then explained that Jimin and the other AOA members went to her house and apologized to her.

Just a few hours prior, Kwon Mina had posted a picture with a caption that read, “It’s starting again” (Edited to “Jinri (real name of the late Sulli), I miss you”).

Below is the full translation of her post:

I’ll just let it all out. Oh, but before that” fans and the public, don’t worry about this. I just finished doing my favorite pictorial shoot.

This photo is a result of a recent incident that happened in KakaoTalk with an FNC official. That unnie wrote in her official statement that she begged and apologized, so I told the FNC official that she should not lie. The FNC official then said they’ll check. A while later, the official said, “to my eyes, it seems like she did beg and apologize.” How do I get an apology from someone who came to my house to apologize, looked for a knife, said those harsh words, and now says she doesn’t remember doing those things? I give up.

Anyways, after seeing that FNC official’s KakaoTalk I was so frustrated and attempted to take my life again. My current younger manager came to me quickly and took me to the University Hospital. Since I cut my wrist so often my nerves were all severed so the anesthesia didn’t work well. I felt guilty towards the doctor who stitched my cut and put me on painkillers. My former manager stayed by my side as my guardian in the hospital room and I’m not sure why, since there’s nothing to like about me.

Also, I don’t know who told her to change it, but in that unnie’s official statement, she initially wrote “to Mina’s dog” but she changed it to “to Mina”. There was a statement that said you would take a break from the industry but are you just going to come back once things calm down? I can’t bear to see something like that happen. I have faced bad treatment for 11 years. And you still have your Instagram and YouTube..

Oh but you might ask, “don’t you still have [YouTube and Instagram]?”… at least I don’t lie. You will never understand how much pain I received from that unnie. She confidently called my story fake and took it down because her manager forced her to. Then she took some medication and had a nice sleep. FNC provided me a psychiatrist for the first time since I told them that this person was making me miserable, but this psychiatrist was talking about some other person. Um, isn’t it against the law for a psychiatrist to share confidential information about another person? Now I’m wondering if the psychiatrist told some other person about my story. I never went to complain about my trainee debt or issues regarding my contract or income. I simply did or said whatever they wanted me to. But for some reason, they’d talk about solo plans for someone else. Did I ever reach out to my parents so they could tell [FNC] to give me more things to do? My parents never came by except the one time they had to in the beginning, so I never have a chance to talk about my burdens with my parent or anyone else.

I collapsed because of stress before and I still collapse at times. But I’m going to get better. I will do my best to recover and just look ahead towards the future instead of the past. But in the midst of my efforts, that company called FNC is acting like this and that other unnie is acting like that. Is it that hard to make a sincere apology? Originally, I didn’t really have a lot of deep thoughts, I was bright, and I was positive. I didn’t take depression medication or sleeping pills. I didn’t have social anxiety disorder. Someone who used to sleep 15 hours a day now can’t sleep past one hour. How is everyone? If a big company like that cared about me they would have called me at least once. I’m afraid that you think of me as an idiot bitch. You missed your chance to make a sincere apology. From now on, please take care of your trainees, artists, actors, and my seniors so that they don’t become like me.

When someone says that they can’t renew their contract because of a certain person, please ask them about the situation and their condition first. Don’t bring up the penalty/damages for my breach of contract in the next event or CF. As for the contract renewal bonus, the CEO is right in saying, “We didn’t give you [this fee/bonus] to pay for your mental health.” He’s right. That’s why I gave back all of that money and I’m honestly still having a hard time. But the people who are supporting me and artists from the agency who are thinking about me right now are helping me a lot.

There is someone on YouTube who saw my wrist and said I’m just doing it for attention and that I need attention. I completely understand that an outsider might think like this. They must think I’m such a strange person. But this is just a small part of a bigger story. I revealed things I never got to tell my friends of 11 years and my family members to the world. Because I want attention? I did this for attention? No. Let me tell you something. If I wanted attention, I could’ve just said I wanted to commit suicide and left it at that. But I actually tried to commit suicide multiple times. I shouldn’t say this, but I am tired and I want to die to the point where I hate the people who came to save me [when I attempted suicide]. My family tells me they’re scared. They cry because of it. When I’m taken to the hospital I’m covered in blood and my wrist is split open. What did my family ever do wrong.. I’m so depressed and so angry and I can’t sleep. Why do I keep having to be the victim? Who can I talk to about my struggles? Who should compensate me for my ruined self? I hope someone like me never exists in the future.

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