Mina Puts an End to the Controversy by Saying that Jimin Apologized to Her

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On July 3, the entertainment industry was left in shock when Mina, a former member of AOA, revealed that she had been abused by Jimin for more than 10 years.

She got everyone worried when she uploaded the photo of her self-inflicted scars on her wrist, and Mina wrote a series of posts exposing what she went through under Jimin’s bullying. Fans started to react, telling Jimin to apologize.

Then on July 4, Mina has seemingly put an end to the controversy.

“First of all, I’m sorry that I couldn’t control my own emotions and caused such a commotion throughout the whole day. I wrote a lot of posts that may have been hard to keep reading. Some might not have wanted to know this. Many people came to see me at my house worried, and I would like to apologize for causing you concerns. There were a lot of things and words that a celebrity shouldn’t have done. I’m just really sorry.

A few hours ago, all AOA members and managers came to my house and talked. At first, Jimin unnie came in angry, so I was baffled. I asked her is that a face of a person who came to apologize. We had a bit of a struggle when Jimin unnie asked where the knife was and if I would be satisfied if she kills herself, too. But we settled down and sat down to talk. She said she didn’t remember, and I continued to talk about all the things I went through. Of course, I probably wasn’t in the right ming, and she kept saying she doesn’t remember. She told me she did such things but never did such things. I couldn’t remember every single detail, but I clearly articulated the things I clearly remember, looking into her eyes as we continued to talk.

Jimin unnie thought we resolved everything on the day of her father’s funeral. But it was a funeral, and I only went to comfort her. In her perspective, she probably thought things were good since I contacted her on that day, and she said sorry without remembering her own actions. Yeah, but how can 11 years of pain be solved in a day? On that day, we never talked about all the things I faced, and how can we in such a place? Of course, I comforted her with all my heart just that day, and after, I was back to my own self again. I am so broken, so how can I return to being normal overnight?

Either way, I continued to talk, and she just listened and said sorry and apologized. Anyway, I decided to accept her apology and sent her back. The rest of the members and I promised not to think of doing bad things. It ended with me promising to clear my head. I believe both our fathers are watching from heaven. I can’t write lies.

Um… to be honest, looking at how unnie acted at first, I thought that she didn’t feel even an ounce of guilt. But still, she kept saying that she’s sorry. So.. yes, I guess I received an apology… but I really don’t know what to write. Honestly, I wasn’t able to see her being ready to say her earnest apology, but it might just be my inferiority complex, or maybe I was just so angry with Jimin unnie. She could have been sincere, so I can’t just make my own conclusion. Well, I have to organize this incident… Now I’m going to calm down and continue getting treatments. And I won’t make such a fuss again anymore. I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry.

I will do my best to mend myself from now on. Many people went through distress because of me…I’m really sorry…I’m still not able to write positively about Jimin unnie even in this post. I’ll admit it. Honestly, I can’t remember her apology, and keep thinking about how she walked in so furious. I’m too broken to the point where I can’t fix myself now. But I’ll have to try. That’s what I promised.

Now, I won’t talk or write about this anymore. I won’t just say things without filtering. I won’t. I was never good at writing, so I don’t even know what I wrote, but I’m sorry once again.”

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