Jimin Quickly Replies to the Accusations, But Deletes Her Post + Mina Leaves Two More Writings


When Mina’s writings made headlines, people started to assume that “unnie” in Mina’s writings was Jimin. When people poured out questions regarding the posts, Jimin left one word on her Instagram story, “Fiction.” Now, the post has been deleted.

Credit: Jimin Instagram

Soon, Mina left two more posts on her Instagram.

“I only talked about one out of 1000000000000 things. Say it’s a fiction. You will burn in hell. Don’t do this. There are witnesses and evidences, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing to hear from both sides. I’ve done nothing wrong.

At the very end, I went to plant the hairline, but I couldn’t fully wake up from the anesthesia, so I called you in advance. But as soon as I heard your voice, I thought you would make a huge fuss over it, so I couldn’t go to the dance room. And that day, I tried to kill myself. That’s my biggest fault.

Now, I’ve said everything I’ve done wrong. Do you want me to write yours or not? There’s too many that I’m sick of writing it. But if you have a conscience, how can you write the word fiction? Why did you delete it? You know, just say it’s a fiction. There’s got to be a lot of people around you how would be dumbfounded. Right, you said you don’t remember back then and told me you’re not such a b****. Wow, you much be glad that you can erase your memories like that. I’ve heard that those you curse don’t remember what they have said. Can you please erase my memories, too? I’m sure you won’t feel guilty even when you look at my wrist. I guess you would perhaps swear at my face when you see me.”

Credit: Instagram ‘kvwowv’

In the second posting, she took a picture of her wrist and specifically pointed out Jimin as the one who abused her.

“fiction? It’s too scary to be a fiction. Now I’ve done about 3 or 4 scar treatments an it’s gotten lighter. But I can’t erase you from my memories. Every day, I’m going crazy.

Jimin unnie. Law? Suit? I can’t do that cause I got no money. Compensation? I don’t think about it. I just feel so bad and sick and unfair that you ruined my life. All I want is for you to ‘admit’ what you did and say your sincere apology. That’s enough for me.

Unnie, you’re doing so well even after bullying me, when it’s painful for me to open my eyes every day. But I still have to feed my family, so please admit it and apologize to me. Let me release my resentment, please?”

Credit: Instagram ‘kvwowv’

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