“A Vivier Love Story” – Shin Min Ah’s Collaboration with Roger Vivier Draws Attention

Credit: Roger Vivier

Shin Min Ah introduced a new side of herself as a director.

On August 7, Roger Vivier released a short video, “A Vivier Love Story.” The fact that Shin Min Ah, who has been acting as an ambassador for the brand for years, has led to the entire process of planning, directing, and acting drew keen attention.

“A Vivier Love Story” begins with a grandmother and granddaughter in a living room. When her grandmother dozes off, the granddaughter sneaks into her grandmother’s room and finds her precious shoe box. At the moment, Pearl Sisters’ “First Love” flows out, and Shin Min Ah appears as a singer on stage in the 1970s and 80s.

The epilogue that comes out at the end of the video is said to have been one of the things that Shin Min Ah put much thoughts into as she wanted to capture the happiest and warmest moments of her grandmother and granddaughter.

The fact that Shin Min Ah led the whole process is all the more meaningful to the Shin Min Ah herself and fans who had been cheering her. She prepared the script from April, actively went on location hunting, participated in the casting, prepared props and styling, chose the music personally, and act as a director on the day of filming.

Credit: Roger Vivier

“The most interesting thing about being a creative director is that there is an opportunity to communicate with people who work in a wide range of imaginative fields,” said Gherardo Felloni, creative director of Roger Vivier. “When I got to know Shin Min-ah, I realized at once that something special was latent in her beyond her beauty and acting skills. When she asked me to join her in this project, I accepted without hesitation, and in all, it was the right decision.”

Shin Min Ah said, “It was interesting to see how the story in my head was made into a video. Working with a different view was also new and fresh. Everything was possible because I got a lot of help. I hope that the story of the grandmother, the granddaughter, and me will be delivered beautifully and warmly.”

Meanwhile, video and poster images of “A Vivier Love Story” was released today (August 7). The making video, which includes the preparation process, the behind-the-scenes footages of Shin Min Ah, and her commentary, is scheduled to be released on August 14.

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