From ‘Veteran’ to ‘#ALIVE’ – Yoo Ah In’s Famous Lines

Yoo Ah In shows flawless acting that completely matches his character in every project. Naturally, some of his lines left such deep impressions on the viewers. With which characters did he leave such famous lines?


Veteran – “It’s ridiculous.”

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Movie Veteran is about a confrontation between a persistent detective in a regional investigation unit and a third-generation conglomerate heir who is not afraid of anything. Playing supercilious Cho Tae Oh, Yoo Ah In gave off a vicious appearances and unrivaled presence, perfectly playing his first villain role. His raw charisma is evident in his line of “It’s ridiculous,” which he spat out at a truck driver who came to receive unpaid wages. The line received explosive responses that led to numerous parodies, going beyond the movie itself.


The Throne – “All I wanted was a warm glance and a word of kindness from my father.“


The Throne tells the story of King Yeongjo and Prince Sado, one of the most tragic relationships in the Joseon Dynasty. Yoo Ah In ideally played the role of Prince Sado, delicately portraying a character who longs for his father’s love with deep eyes and intense emotions. Especially, in the scene where he turns away from his father, who ignores his true heart, and says, “All I wanted was a warm glance and a word of kindness from my father,“ delivers a complicated feelings of a soul who wanders between the crown prince of a country and the son of a father.


Burning – “There are so many Gatsbys in Korea.”

Credit: CGV Art House

Burning, director Lee Chang Dong’s fifth film invited to the Cannes Film Festival, is a story that takes place when retail company part-timer Jong Su meets his childhood friend Hae Mi and unidentified man, Ben. Yoo Ah In plays Jong Su, who is sensitive but pure, heightening the tension till the very end as he suspects Ben, who got in-between him and Hae Mi. When Hae Mi, who returned from Africa, introduced Ben, a wealthy man, Jong Su said, “There are so many Gatsbys in Korea,” conveying the helplessness of youth and heralding the beginning of the mystery.


#ALIVE – “I’m still alive here!”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

#ALIVE tells the story of those isolated alone in an apartment while people with unknown symptoms begin to attack. Yoo Ah In plays the role of survivor Jun Woo and realistically portrays an ordinary person going in full panic mode. In particular, the line “I’m still alive here!” clearly conveys Jun Woo’s desire to survive.

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