“HERO vs. VILLAIN” ‘Rugal’ Releases the Highlight Video of the Heated Battle

The highlight video of OCN’s new weekend drama Rugal has been released.

Credit: OCN

The video released on March 12 shows a heated confrontation between the ‘Hero,’ the human weapons, and the absolute ‘Villain.’

Rugal tells the story of Rugal, a special organization of ‘human weapons’ who gained special abilities through bioengineering technology, fighting against Argus, the largest terrorist group in Korea.

The released highlight video begins with a sound of a gunshot. The followed scene shows a woman falling to the ground, informing how an ordinary man, Kang Gi Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk), becomes a human weapon. On the other hand, Hwang Deuk Goo (Park Sung Woong) of Argus, who brought tragedy upon Kang’s life, does evil with an eerie smile.

Then, Kang, who received an artificial eye transplant at the suggestion of Kim Min Sang, will revive as a member of the Rugal after undergoing intense training. At the end of the chase, Kang finally points a gun at Hwang, and the tense between the two raises expectations.

Rugal will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on March 28 KST.

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