The Main Teaser for ‘Are We In Love’ Is Out

Actor Kim So Eun and Sung Hoon will deliver the romance the spring with their upcoming movie, Are We In Love.

Are We In Love (directed by Kim Jung Kwon) releasing on March, talks about the special love between two completely different people after meeting upon a mysterious book that shows the answers to love.

The main trailer released on March 9 shows the changed lives of So Jung (Kim SO Eun) and Seung Jae (Sung Hoon) and the special moments as the two characters create an exciting romance.

The first scene in the dark night with thunder and lightening arouses curiosity as an old lady leaves the book of love to So Jung. The continued scenes, soon after reading the book, present the changed surroundings of So Jung.

Also the cafe master Seung Jae, who is unusually cold towards So Jung is later completely transformed into a “straight man,” who pours outs his confession to her. Embarrassed by the endless dashes of unfamiliar men as well as Seung Jae, So Jung’s images blend as the odd book writes, “sooner or later you’ll be confessed by countless people.”

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