SBS Drama Producer Arrested for Assaulting Passerby and Sexually Harassing a Female Police Officer

A producer of SBS broadcasting station was arrested on charges of assaulting passerby while intoxicated.

According to MBC’s News Desk on Thursday, a 30 years old producer of the SBS was booked by the police on charges of assaulting passerby drunk and causing disturbance at a police station in Hannam-ding, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Credit: News Desk

The man committed indiscriminate assaults on the streets, including hitting a passerby in the face and pouring alcohol on him. He also continued the assault by throwing a bottle at the other passers-by, which turned into a big fight as other they responded.

In the end, the man was arrested at the scene by the police, who were dispatched after receiving a report. However, even after he was taken to the police station, he made scenes by yelling at the officers and sexually harassing a 20 years old female officer.

The man later turned out to be a SBS drama producer, who even directed a popular Monday-Tuesday drama last year. In particular, the scandal is expected to only escalate as he is know to already have a criminal record. The police requested an arrest warrant for him, considering the fact that he already has a record, but the prosecution rejected it.

SBS replied “in the process of confirming,” to the charges against the producer.

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