North Korea Offended by South Korea’s Screen Fiction

North Korea recently issued a statement through their state-controlled media site Uriminzokkiri, lashing out on recent South Korean dramas and film for depicting them in a bad light.

The statement accused South Korean media of filling their ‘anti-republic’ films and drama with ‘fraud and fabrication’, and for engaging in ‘wartime propaganda’. It seems as though the two particular recent release of the South Korean action film ‘Ashfall’ and TV drama Crash Landing On You.

The film ‘Ashfall’ is focused on the eruption of Mount Paektu, as the characters use North Korea’s nuclear weapons to blow up the mountain. This particular mountain is revered as a sacred place in North Korean propaganda, as North Koreans are told that this is the birth place of the first leader Kim Il-Sung.

The drama Crash Landing On You, is about a South-Korean woman who gets stranding in North Korea after a paragliding accident, as she runs in to a North-Korean officer and slowly begins to fall in love. The drama depicts the every day life of North Koreans, as well as their military espionage, so well, that it has been praised numerous times for its accuracy of its portrayal by many critics. The writing team even included a North-Korean defector named Kwak Moon-wan, who escaped his elite position in the North and fled to the South back in 2004.

The statement released on Uriminzokkiri accused South-Korean authorities of ‘praising and encouraging’ the distribution of ‘disgusting anti-North-Korean’ texts, which went as far as damaging North-South relations. It even gave a warning that ‘South-Korean authorities and their producers’ will ‘pay the price for their villainous misconduct’.

Have you seen both productions?  What are your thoughts on the whole situation?



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  • North Korea will always find fault with everything it deemed offensive to their abusive regime! Why is it that only their leaders,are fat, the rests of the North Koreans looks skinny and malnourished